Saturday, June 18, 2011

The rebellions of our peoples make us stronger

By Ameer Makhoul 17 June 2011

The following essay was written shortly after the dawn of the 25 January uprising in Egypt:

Not a single regime in the entire world is immune to collapse when the right time comes. However, as history teaches us, the regime won’t collapse by itself. The Arab rebellions are being created by the social movement — by the people — in all its currents and forces that seek change; in other words, by the great majority of the peoples in revolt.

But the Arab peoples and their rebellions are providing the world with new history lessons regarding how to make a revolution in our globalized era — how immense masses of humans can mobilize to become bigger and greater at an unprecedented rate. The Arab rebellions, though, do work according to the book: they are taking place at a moment in which the oppressed cannot continue to bear the oppression, while the oppressive regime cannot continue employing its oppressive instruments. For in a dictatorship, everything goes well until the last 15 minutes.

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